An interdenominational gathering of Christian men seeking to grow together and celebrate God's goodness.


To see a truly interdenominational Christian Men's Conference established here in Spain, that will inspire and envision men to live their lives as God intended them to be lived. That Conference day would be a day that would transcend all denominational barriers, enabling our day together to be one of True Fellowship and True Worship and Teaching from God's precious Word. Truly a day when 'Brethren can dwell together in unity' as we read in Psalm 133... bringing about great blessing for His church.

Our Mission Statement

Through the M.O.V.E. Conference, we aim to provide a place of true fellowship which bridges all denominational barriers, inspiring Christian men [through worship and sound teaching of God's precious word], to rise up and be the men God designed them to be

Therefore the Annual M.O.V.E. Conference will provide:

  1. A place of true fellowship
  2. A place of true worship
  3. A place of true power [word of God]
  4. A place of true inspiration [Through the Holy Spirit]
  5. A place of true blessing